Mediation For Conflict Resolution In Edmonton and St Albert

What is Mediation?

A process in which an impartial third person assists disputing parties to negotiate a mutually acceptable agreement.

Family MediationWorkplace Mediation

The process is initiated when disputants fail to negotiate for themselves.

The failed negotiations are often the consequence of both substantive and relationship differences.

The process provides disputants with a structure for resolving the issues in dispute.

The process is voluntary, private and confidential.

The process is based on an honest desire by the parties to try and resolve the dispute in a cooperative manner.

Authority for settlement of the dispute rests with the parties themselves.

Role of the Mediator

– Procedural Facilitator
– Aid to Communication
– Coach
– Sounding Board
– Reality Tester

Principle Characteristics of Mediation

– Accessible
– Voluntary
– Confidential
– Facilitative
– Collaborative
– Egalitarian
– Relationship Orientated

Merits of Mediation

– Economical and Rapid Settlements
– Mutually Satisfactory Outcomes
– High Rates of Compliance
– Comprehensive & Personal Agreements
– Educational and Control over Outcomes
– Relationship Orientated
– Personal Responsibility
– Implementable Agreements
– Durability

Mediation For Conflict Resolution In Edmonton, St.Albert and Surrounding Areas including:

– Spruce Grove
– Stoney Plain

– Fort Saskatchewan
– Morinville
– Devon

– Beaumont
– Gibbons
– Bonaccord